Available from the 1st quarter of 2020:


  • Ready to use for restaurants, private households and industrial use, delivered “ready to grow”, nothing has to be built up

  • No visible pipes or cables everything is build in the system inside invisibly

  • It is as fresh is it can be

    growing in True Veg Hydroponic Walls means having the greens, edible flowers, microgreens and more available where and when you need them, 24/7/365

  • Higher intensity in taste and flavour, Organic from A to Z, rich in nutrients plants

  • Planting volume: 2.5 sqm microgreens or 100 small plants or 45 big plants

  • Easy to use

    as it is fully automated

  • Up to 10 magnetic mobile removal and placement of led lighting systems

  • Water tank of 100 liter volume with integrated water filter and automatic stop/go system, Oase water pump with speed control; special opener in tank for nutrients filling, tank with rollers

  • Noise reducer for water dropping

  • Vertical growing and therewith growing in any available space

  • Multi-flexible mobile shelves, easy to clean, up to 5 trays possible

  • True Veg Wall System cover color and material can be chosen individually

  • Mobile automatic dashboard with following features:

    timer, lighting dimmer, water tank controller, unit switcher from 3 to 5 units, Vent Controller, on and off button

  • For each layer there is a connector preinstalled for a vent, if needed

  • Highest construction quality and very stable built

This is an example of how our True Veg Wall could look like. The Walls will be available in various colours and materials as well as individually branded. The Wall System can be extended easily.

Measurement Details

Our Chief Designer

In this Video our chief designer explains all features of our True Veg Wall Hydroponic System. Take a look!