Our secret of success is definitely based on the ingenious technology of our TRUE VEG product lines, all of which originated from the motto Plug & Grow.

Our Hydroponic developments and technologies are simple to use and easy to handle. We offer only professional hydroponic systems that produce huge amounts of fresh food and not just a few plants for decoration.

Because of our own up-to-date and high quality production company with 130 employees, our own in-house designer & development department and quality controlling team, we are always able to react immediately to our international clients needs and requirements, and even customise products individually. Our production is specialised in quick manufacturing processes and productions with the highest quality for a reasonable market price globally.

With these specifications we are able to establish our True Veg Brand on long-term basis globally.

With our Research & Development Department we are continually working on new developments of products for our License Partners in the Hydroponic Industry to give them the best possible products for all client’s satisfaction worldwide.

We are especially proud of our latest development, our new innovative product which is the True Veg peat-free vegan & organic Plant Cube, which is the first one worldwide and only available to purchase from our company.

Our licensees will be able to start selling the TRUE VEG Products and Systems from the first quarter of 2020.

For our company a familial treatment with all licensees is of enormous importance. We have a close relationship with all of our licensees and our entire international team is always in action for the licensees.