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The unified supervising center for all vertical farms processes

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Growing edible plants at large scales is not an easy enterprise, which can be both technically and financially demanding. On top of that farm owners face the challenge of hiring highly qualified staff whose salaries can constitute up to 60% of all expenditures.

By reducing the amount of work that needs to be done manually, iFarm helps to decrease labour costs by 20%, thus lowering the end-cost of each kg of produce .

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iFarm Growtune main features:

  • Self-improvement of the quality characteristics of the crops
  • Automatic microclimate control
  • Instant adjustment of the growth plan
  • Image-based assessment of plant weight and maturity Management of the robotic systems
  • Maximum capacity utilisation
  • Production cost optimisation

iFarm Growtune is based on an adaptive protocol that employs computer vision, machine learning, all the data about thousands of plants collected from a distributed network of farms and also open data.

That is why it is perfectly suitable for vertical farming.