About the company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustainability in everything we do.
Vertical farming is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers or on vertically inclined surfaces. It is the perfect solution to solve the problem of missing spaces, landmasses and arable land.

Vertical farming eliminates agricultural runoff into water sources, significantly reduces use of fossil fuels from farm machines and the transport of crops, and makes use of abandoned or unused properties, such as empty warehouses and skyscrapers. There is also year-round production with vertical farming, which can help keep up with the global demand for food. We do not only offer advice regardless of where our clients are located, we also offer highly innovative hydroponic growing systems, that we produce ourselves. 

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s needs, depending on the context and situation. We study market trends, emerging best practices all over the world. As the world, our clients and the needs are constantly changing, we continually seek new and better ways to serve the best we possibly can, as your partner.

Our Offer

We offer the possibility for everyone everywhere to produce fresh, absolutely pesticide free greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits, grown in households, restaurants, stores, supermarkets or farmhouses.

Our advisory service helps to grown greens with our innovative hydroponic systems in completely controlled environments, ensuring a low water consumption while growing all year round. We help you to plan and execute from planting over picking to packing your hydroponic greenhouse farm, no matter how small or big it might be.

Our idea behind the support for setting up Hydroponic growing systems with our technology, is using the most valuable resource – water – the best way we can, with the best outcome for everyone. We want to assure highly nutritious, safe and delicious food for you, your beloved ones and everyone else.

For a better environment and a healthier living.

Meet our awesome team.

Built on everything we learned from Professional, Web Farmer is a fresh start that goes even further to help you get back to what really matters.

Frank Ruetten Owner &

Angela Simon
Co-Founder, Global Director
& Head of PR, Media
and Social Media

Tibor Székács
Managing Director of True Veg Group of Companies

Christian KronsteinerBusiness Development
Director Global

Wolfram SievertHead Advisor, Engineer
(Dipl.-Ing – FH)

Attila Varfalvi Operations

Gabor Marton Finance Business Plan
& EU Funds Expert


Michael Reljic
Master Chef
de Cuisine

Falko Siecke
Head Advisor
Gourmet Catering

Cathrin Scheuner Hydroponic Advisor,


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Marc ParisottoExclusive Master
License Partner
Luxemburg & Belgium

Joachim Linna Exclusive Master
License Partner
Spain & Canary Islands

Christian Kronsteiner Exclusive Master
License Partner
UAE, Oman,
Qatar, Bahrain,
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Hassan Mohammad Al Sayeed Exclusive Master
License Partner
Hashermite Kingdom of Jordan


Alexander Melchior Exclusive Master
License Partner
UAE, Oman,
Qatar, Bahrain,
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

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