Available from the 1st quarter of 2020: Mobile Plant Factory

We present herewith the new mobile plant factory container of True Veg Group.

Why will our Mobile Plant Factory be so special:

  • 100% optimal space usage by our specially developed hydroponic construction system
  • No separate installations required, every single compact and fully automatic system is self-sufficient thereby enabling our customers to customise crop varieties.
  • Maximum acreage thanks to our flexible production boxes which are also mobile and can be individually transported as required.
  • Full automatic climate control
  • Full automatic solar panel supported
  • You can grow either leave greens, edible flowers or microgreens at the same time
  • Locally grown healthy organic products 24/7, all year around, season independent
  • 90% less water, 38% less food waste, 33% faster growing than regular farming
  • 100% organic & fresh healthy products with up to 500% more vitamins
  • We just call it “plug & grow”, you just need our container and one water supply connection that’s all you can start your own local farm immediately
  • App & Video Control possible, if needed
  • Different colours & styles available, each container can be produced on request with the clients cooperate design.

Mobile plant factories are available from now on, they have delivery times of around 3 weeks after order review.