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Web Farmer is your
global license partner company

to provide urban communities with fresh local produce vegetables & fruits through our exclusive master license partners worldwide in your neighbourhood through distributing, supplying & installing our latest hydroponic technologies systems for vertical farming in each City & Territory through our classic license partners.

Currently, the consumption of fresh produce of vegetables & fruits is a huge environmental burden. Long transportation routes and overused soil take a heavy toll not just on the environment, but also on taste and nutritions. The CO2 footprint of food represents 17 % of total global emission, and 45 % of plants nutrients are lost by the time they arrive in the supermarket for the end customer.

We help clients worldwide with hydroponic expertise.

We are a global advisory company, that helps clients worldwide to set up their own Hydroponic farms, from private households, restaurants, grocery stores to agricultural businesses. With our huge experience we help our clients as a partner to make significant improvements in hydroponic producing and to achieve their most important goals.

We use our own innovative technologies.

We use our own farming technologies to deliver locally grown, fresh and pesticide as well as herbicide free lettuces, vegetables, greens, flowers and herbs. The complete produce is ultra-fresh and organic. All hydroponic produce is available all year round, as they can be grown in all weather conditions and seasons.

We face complex and important challenges.

We support our customers on our best knowledge from research and development, our own production in accordance with good quality standards and in cooperation with market leaders in their sectors. Our company is defined by our people and their skills. We face complex and important challenges to make the world a bit better every single day.

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Cropper Climate Controlled Wall

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What is Hydroponics
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Our Idea

Our idea behind advising in setting up Hydroponic growing systems with our technology, is using the most valuable resource – water – the best way we can, with the best outcome for everyone.
We want to assure highly nutritious, safe and delicious food for you, your beloved ones and everyone else. For a better environment and a healthier living – we are your partner.

We are constantly working to develop all important resources of planting and make it even easier and environmentally friendlier and therewith conserving resources.

With us you are always up to date with the latest hydroponic technologies for the hydroponic industry to grow your leafy greens & more 24/7 all year around, seasonally independent, whenever you want, wherever you want.

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